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13 September 2020 @ 10:22 am


don't wanna skip introductions? ;;)
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02 July 2013 @ 05:08 pm
HI GUYS. It's been a while, hasn't it.
It's the holidays now. HOORAAAAAAY, right? Except It's not exaclty like that for me. Something's been going on and it's just been taking my mind off the holidays and I can't feel right.
I have this competition in Korea the end of this month! Holy shit what, end of this month? And I haven't even prepared anything. ANYTHING. i really feel like backing out. I literally have not prepared anything, not one bit. I just. Can't. Really stressed out. I want to prepare something, but we're working in pairs, and i dunno, my title for the research hasn't been confirmed yet, so overall IT'S BEEN REALLY SUCKY. I just can't, okay.

Anyhows. I will update you how my (shitty) holidays are going!

1. Cursing everytime Nishikido Ryo shows up on screen (especially if it's a gif) my cursing pretty much goes like this: "fuck you nishikido ryo fuck you nobody told you to be this perfect with that jawline and those moles and your orgasmic hair go away go go to hell dont come back"

2. Marvelling and getting jealous at how good Ohkura looks with Kiritani Mirei. She is SO pretty i can't describe. And she looks smart and sassy, not those typical quiet japanese girls or the annoying ones. Just right. she looks SO PERFECT w/ ohkura ugh my bb

3. Missing V6-no concert updates whatsoever, no new subbed videos (though recently there have been a few, yeay!)

4. Super Kanjani8 feels these days. Like, IDK. I recently downloaded their 8uppers concert DVD (I KNOW I'M SUPER LATE) and I just had a blast! Tempted to re-watch their 8est tour but resisted.

5. Been watching old episodes of Anishi. Been missing mago-mago arashi so much. Wants to revive my sister's hard disk that is full of Arashi goodness but then again i need to save up for some other shit

That's been it, pretty much, hope I can enjoy these holidays to the fullest! YEEHAWWWWWWWWW
19 April 2013 @ 05:51 pm
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the senpai group, V6, for their dancing skills?!?!?!?!?!?!
Because tbh, Johnny's groups aren't exactly great at dancing. I myself have always viewed dancing for Johnny's groups as some......somekind of companion to their singing. Arashi themselves pretty much always dance half-heartedly, and I remember Nino saying to someone (I think it was a senpai, I forgot) that Arashi would never be able to get their dancing in sync no matter how hard they tried.


and maybe, as a kpop listener myself, their dance moves are nothing to be compared to with korean boybands, but damn at least they are in sync!!!!!!! And really, they're good! Damn.
I just can't. They're just awesome. I really can't T_T
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07 April 2013 @ 08:58 am
so, as i have been typing these days, i've been trying to get to know the senpais. i watched a couple of tokio, got into shonentai a bit (HIGASHIYAMAAA) but it was just a matter of 'knowing'...........until i saw, dadadadam, V6.

I remember i didn't even know that V6 was from johnny's (i know how mean). I just never really.....heard of the members? at all? and then i saw a post in arama, about their newest album covers. the oh my goodnes! covers. and the covers were pretty good, so i trolled the comment box, and one comment said: 'another perfect album cover from the perfect johnnys boyband.' and i was like hmm, perfect? like how?

and since i was in the 'getting to know senpai' mode i decided to download a few of their vids. the first vid i downloaded was their gakkou e ikou 10th anniversary sp. that video completely got me. COMPLETELY. they are such idiots? and dorks? and idek. but their voices SO BEAUTIFUL?????? and they actually can dance IN SYNC. one thing that i kind of despise from johnnys groups is that their dancing are never in sync, including arashi. and kattun on stage are just.... a mess. (sorry ._.) but v6 was like DAMN???? you guys are really good??? i can't believe sakamoto is FRIGGIN 42? IM IN LOVE WITH A MAN ALMOST THRICE MY AGE.

i don't have a bias yet..........i dont think i will, its too hard, they're just so adorable HAHA. and i love how hardworking they are. there was this mission v6 episode where they were doing different poses, and it was just hilarious, but they were failing one pose and inocchi said 'im sure we can do it.' and everyone got fired up and was like 'yosh, we can do it!' and you could see the........willingness (?) in their eyes. just. real good.


ofc i was leaning towards okada at first (ofc ofc ofc ofc) and maybe still am. because he's not just a pretty boy...........he's a damn giid actor, great singer, not sure about dancing tho teehee, does martial arts.........and above all that, he's just such an oddball. sometimes i feel like okada is a bit like dokkun? but dokkun is just your average guy, just a bit temperamental lol and he's quiet. but okada......okada is an oddball. and that just makes him adorable.

okada once said that he's spent more time with v6 than with his family........so that V6 is like his family too, that V6 raised him. and i was like 'omg hes right', somehow the fact that okada is who he is today, the strong-willed person he is, is mostly because V6 raised him to be that way. of course we have to give credit to his parents too. but........yeah. okay. stopping the rambling now.

but sakamoto. your voice dammit dammit. so beautiful. and your leader-ness. and the way you just look fondly at all the members sometimes it gets me. /sigh/

okay done.
and btw: i counted the amount of V6 videos that i've downloaded this past week.......... 13,5 GB. in a week. V6 i hate what you've done to me.
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31 March 2013 @ 10:20 am

1. Favorite album cover?
Somehow.......How's It Going (RE)

2. Favorite single cover?
STEP AND GO!!!!!! most fave ever. both editions are cool.

3. Favorite concert?
errr.........I haven't watched them all T^T I'm in the middle of watching Arafes, and I think that's gonna be a good one. But it's probably between their AAA 2008 in Tokyo or their 5x10 Anniversary Tour.

4. Favorite concert goods?
Boku no Miteiru Fuukei canvas bag!!!!!!!! It's beautiful. The design is just really good somehow.

5. Favorite Ohno solo?
ksjhdkjhfsdkfnskdfn..............................this is a tough one. Does Top Secret count? ;;D If not that then Take Me Faraway.

6. Favorite Nino Solo?
どこにでもある唄。 Do we even need a reason. I cried when I first heard the song :''' Tied closely with Niji.

7. Favorite Sho Solo?
このままもっと!!!! The live wasn't special particularly, but the song itself is so nice to listen to. Come to think of it, all their solos from Beautiful World were really nice.

8. Favorite Jun Solo?
やばいやばい! The live was just awesome.

9. Favorite Aiba Solo?
Hello Goodbye. The lyrics actually meant something rally deep. Plus, it was so Aiba, and not in the.......flashy catchy way. Like Rakuen? It sounds like the theme of an anime gone wrong T_T

10. Favorite  MV?
ERRRRRRRRR this is a hard one. Probably Step and Go again. The MV was sort of futuristic? And stylish? (Even though Nino, what the hell is that yellow blanket you're wearing) I just liked the style of the MV I guess :D

cr to the pics: saobang2211, blindmaiden, sweetxmelodies, tumblr
25 March 2013 @ 08:47 pm
i just need to get this off my mind, dear god.
so, you know the corners in Arashi ni Shiyagare? Where they sometimes more than once do that 'johnny's intro quiz' thing? so. i was watching the anishi ep with kanjani in it, the first one where they were promoting 24h if i'm not mistaken..........? and eito tries to guess this song, but before they guess it they like sang and danced to it first in the silly way eito would do it and they were going like 'JAJAMA JAJAMA' and that song reaaaaaaaally stuck in my head. so i gave it a listen. turns out it was Diamond Eyes by Shonentai.

TBH i never listen to the old generation johnny's songs. like, the oldest i've gone is smap, and i only know like....3 of their songs or something? but that JAJAMA JAJAMA WAS SO PERSISTENT IN MY HEAD DEAR GOD and then i saw the video, it was some kind of awards show.......? but anyways. shonentai were performing live, and dear god dear god they were SO FUCKING GOOD.

they were like everything you ever wanted in a boyband, and you know those.......old school dance moves? damn. they were so.fucking.good. i watch that video like 3 times a day at least now. dude. DUDE. here's da video btw.

am i over exaggarating? but whatever. because from that point on i knew why the girls were all going crazy and singing along because man if i were their age i would be all kya kya kya too. damn HIGASHIYAMA WAS SO CUTE kjnadsfkjnaskdjfn

and then..........i downloaded their best of album HAHAHA i really need to get to know them. at least listen to their songs. i really wanna get to know the older johnnys generation, because the oldest i get is..........arashi, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. okay sorry. i've started to listen to V6 and yuzu and mr children, just oldskool jpop in general..............really good stuff. but i like the old boyband stuff more than yuzu and mr children tbh because theyre both like guitar and rock and stuff like that........? but yeah. okay :-D just needed to get that out of my system. oldskool. jpop. ROCKZ
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i remember last time, i changed my layout into something else and that caused an error in which i couldn't even open my journal at all and since then my journal has...........SUCKED.
i'm trying to get it back to normal and i've been trying all these themes and layouts but NONE SEEM TO WORK?????? my livejournal still looks shitty as hell. so pardong the shitty-ness please. AND PRAY FOR MY LJ TYVM.
10 March 2013 @ 07:41 pm
right now, when tommorow i have history+chemistry midterms, i have decided to browse kattun vids randomly. ugh.
there was this period where i was kind of into kattun. i suddenly decided to get to know them and i kept watching their reality shows :D

and then jin left, and yaaaaaaaaaaa i am not the best in dealing with member changes. hello, ex hottest here HAHA. when jay left 2pm just wasn't the same-even though they're still doofs but still. they just changed. and so did kattun......but weirdly, kattun changed in a good way.

somehow when jin was around, the ones who were 'seen' were only jin, and kame. ofcourse for hyphens and everyone else who loves the group you can see their individual talents and love them all the same- maru's baka-ness, the feeling to kick junno everytime he opens his mouth, ueda's weird activeness (lol what) and koki's huge gap :D But now that jin left....i think that sort of tightened their bond? kame is still leading, but in a more family kind of way. IDK OKAY its just how i feel...................he looks so tired these days okay random babbling starting again.

OHYEAH kattun has always been biaswreckers :______________
tbh, t's always been maru or junno. idunno they're such idiots i feel like slapping them. but them you look at kame and i mean WHO WON'T FALL FOR KAME? and then suddenly koki doesn't seem that scary. and i have a really really reaaaaally weak spot for jin's broad shoulders (and his voice duh) and ueda...........uh..........tbh i have never really been attracted to him but well teehee you get the point..

one last note: johnny san would be stupid, utterly and most definitely stupid if he doesn't forgive jin sooner or later. that man has overflowing talent. his voice, dance, acting, damn if johnny doesnt give him his job back.........idk, that would be such a huge loss, either ways. sobs.

10 February 2013 @ 05:05 pm
i used to ship ryohkura but dude YASU OHKURA SO OBVIOUSSSSSS
ohkura always makes all the moves L O L

but no seriously ohkura always like unconsciously touches yasu all the time MY HEART OHHHHHH WATASHI NO KOKORO
10 February 2013 @ 03:15 pm
  Yup, I went to Japan again last week n__n
To be honest it wasn't as fun as the first time. Because the purpose of the trip wasn't to have fun, it was to see my sister who's going to college there.
I went to Fukuoka on my own TEEHEE only for an hour though sobs.
I went to Tsutaya n___n And bought Kanjani8's My Home for 500Yen!!!!!!!
Im a bit lazy to type orz. But yeah,
And I also bought their For no. 8 photobook ;;u;;